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Tailift Z1000 ZFD30-35 Series (3.0-3.5T)

IC Counterbalance Trucks (1.5 Ton -5.0 Ton)

Diesel Z1000 3.0-3.5T

ZFD30-35 Series



Easy Operation

Enlarge Light switch
Enlarged automotive style light switch and turn signal levers are integrated into the slim profile steering column for easy accessibility and operation.

Multifunctional LCD instrument panel
A large and easy-to-read multifunctional LCD panel is ergonomic designed for the operator. Which is design 40 degree on the right hand angle of the operator and help operator to read.
These multifunction include direction indicator, light, oil pressure, water & hydraulic temperature, hour meter , battery power indicator, fuel level and service check etc.. This LCD panel let the operator easy read all aspects of forklift status at a glance.

Smaller steering wheel
Smaller steering wheel easy to operate and reduce operator’s arm and shoulder’s workload.
New steering wheel’s diameter reduce from 350mm to 300mm. The easy-handling steering wheel column with tilt adjustment helps to provide the ideal operating position and improve performance.


Hight Stability

Integral heavy duty chassis
A strong no-bolt integral heavy duty chassis gives the driver 20% more protection from falling loads. Tailift forklifts built with Integral heavy duty chassis, suite for all kind working surface.

Internal hidden tilt cylinder
Internal hidden tilt cylinder avoid and reduce scrape possibility. Enlarge access space and given better appearance.

Hydraulic steering axle
The new axle provides wider steering angles to 85 degree and reduce to a smaller turning radius. Its compact size, allows the truck to work in narrower aisles. Using high and low blockage fixed way to fix shaft, extend working life time and lower maintenance cost.


Great Performance

Suspended power train with a flexi-coupling to the drive axle is a big innovation. Vibration and noise are greatly reduced.

Transmission control valve
The control valve is mounted on top of the transmission for easy maintenance and adjustment.
Relief valve design to decrease oil pressure impulse.
The forward and reverse solenoid valve are integral, allow quick direction change.
Enlarge oil filter given better oil cleanliness.

Hub reduction axles
3 stages speed reduction mechanism design, from transmission through differential and hub to gear mechanism. Reduce the loading for transmission and differential and extend the power train’s lifecycle.>/p>


Enlarge operation space
380mm wide -open foot space provides the comfortable foot activity space. It is about 30% wider than 7 series.

Deluxe suspension seat
The deluxe suspended seat give you the very best in customized comfort, safe and healthy posture. Features with ergonomic sharp design ,45 degrees adjustable backrest, 150mm adjustable forward and reverse, Retractable safety belt, Document bag, Mechanical suspension integrated in cushion. Also equipped with a weight sensor to adjust every operator’s weight for comfort reason.

Hydraulic control
The ergonomic design of levers are provide the prefect positions for operator’s hand without causing any extra stress. Optional advanced hydraulics mini lever and joystick with armrest are all new design give more comfort to the operator.

Clear view mast
The Z series mast using 4 cylinders, back type roller and hiding hose design and the new fork carriage assembly allow for excellent visibility and higher residual load capacity. Duplex and Triplex masts with heights up to 6000 mm are available.
Low profile front cowl with sloped dashboard provide an unobstructed view in any position.

Clean view for the operator in the full cabin
All glasses cabin provide the operator a wide and clear view.

Easy maintenance

The Z series truck has been designed with easy maintain in mind. The new hood open angle has been enlarged to 70 degree. Using steel piping, clean and tidy fitting , durable and easy to maintain. Major electrical components and connectors are all waterproof. To avoid rust and reduce wear out.

Removable side-plate
Removable side-plate on side of truck enlarge maintenance space. Make maintain and service the truck much easier.


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